How to Finger a Girl Like a Pro


#1: Prepare yourselves for it

It’s important for a woman to be very wet when you’re at it, so make sure you tell your woman to drink plenty of water before you jump into the act. Whenever I wanted to get physically intimate with my ex-girlfriend, I would tell her to prepare herself by drinking several glasses of water. Drinking loads of water can make her wet with a gentle touch and there’s nothing that’s more stimulating for a man than that. However, this is a tricky situation. It was funny during one instance when she ended up with a mighty urge to urinate when I was in the process of giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.How-to-Attract-an-Aries-Woman-Dating-an-Aries-Woman

I learned from my bad experiences and improvised my techniques over time. The first thing I would usually make sure was that she was comfortable. For me, the needs of my girlfriend mattered more than my own. It’s not because I’m a saint, but it’s because it’s important that the woman is completely involved in the act, just much as the man. Once she was ready after drinking a few glasses of water, I would explore her body while indulging in foreplay.