How to Finger a Girl Like a Pro


Many men are good in bed, but they are usually stumped while wondering how to finger a girl. Fingering a girl can be easy if you really understand the basics. As a man, I can tell you that women simply love it, so if you want to score well, you must remember that it’s not an act where you simply use your fingers.

In fact, your fingers must coax, pamper and take your lady to heights of passion she’s never witnessed (hopefully).How-to-Please-a-Cancer-Woman-in-Bed-Best-Yahoo-Answers

I’ve had many pleasurable experiences with women and the purpose of this article is to tell you that you that you can improve your sex life with just a few basics. Out of all my experiences, I’ve learned that while fingering a girl, you are simply doing what your penis can’t achieve. If you don’t use your finger to stimulate a woman, you’re probably doing something wrong. Here are a few tips or techniques for you in case you’re wondering how to finger a girl.