Mouthwatering Signs She Wants to Sleep with You


#3: Body Language Tells All

If you’re desperately trying to find signs she wants to sleep with you, look no further than her body language as it can be the answer to all of your questions.How-to-Get-a-Gemini-Woman-Dating-a-Gemini-Woman-2

It is the most powerful tool anyone can use and it is just as easy to spot, so pay close attention to this one. If your lady is constantly making an effort to touch you even if it’s just placing her hand on your arm throughout conversation, this is a good sign.

What’s even better is if she licks her lips, wants to hold hands or hug longer than a two second goodbye as these are positive body language signals that she is wanting to feel you and be closer to you physically.

You also want to pay attention to how she looks and reacts when you touch her. If all is positive, you’ve got the green light.