Mouthwatering Signs She Wants to Sleep with You


To all the men out there, just because she is kind to you and wants to hang out with you doesn’t necessarily mean that these are signs she wants to sleep with you.


Save yourself from the self torture and awkward moments and finally discover what those signs are that she is sending your way, and more importantly, determine if she is in fact trying to tell you that she’d like to get in between the sheets.

It’s no secret that women are definitely hard to read at times, but they definitely toss out tell-all signals that basically scream that they want you.

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So if you’re stuck wondering if she is just trying to friend-zone you or secretly wants to ravish your naked body, wonder no more.

These are the ultimate signs that will let you in on what that lucky lady is really trying to tell you…

#1: She Bends Over You

The idea of her bending over you may sound like a dream come true and it can certainly be a hint to the hot stuff happening in the near future.

Women that are interested in heating things up with you will give you obviously signs, and one of the most prominent ones being bending over you.How-to-Seduce-a-Scorpio-Woman-in-Bed-Best-Yahoo-Answers-2

Whether it is bending over you on the couch to pick up the remote that has fallen to the ground, reaching over you to grab her purse or bending over you to pour a fresh glass of wine, she is telling you that she wants you in more ways than just one.

Basically, if her actions are leaning in your direction and your bodies are often brushing up against one another, even slightly, she wants you.